Give their room a sporting makeover

Picking elements that create a coherent colour scheme, and making sure the lighting complements it, can be some of the more head scratching aspects of making over a room. Especially if the room is to have a sporting theme. Let’s face it there are very few sports teams that use neutral hues and nude tones….there’s no rugby shirts in ‘polished pebble’ or ‘elephants breath’.

You can’t kick it but you can stick it.

Sporting Wallpaper have cleverly fused sport and style. Taking elements from Twickenham programmes and match tickets from the World Rugby Museum collection they have created a sport themed design that will sit well within today’s contemporary palette.

Vintage is back and colours like Hague Blue and Pavilion Gray make the perfect partnering with this wallpaper that features the first ever Twickenham Rugby International match programme, England v Wales in 1910 and the programme from the Centenary match 100 years later.

Shedding some light in your rugby fan’s favourite room

However we choose to decorate our rooms, the light needs to work.

The Rugby Ball Light is no novelty light. Designed to a high spec by lighting expert, Steve Hicks, to ensure that the glow provided is both functional and energy efficient. All too often side and desk lights in children’s rooms or ‘man caves’ are style over substance and too little light can limit what you can do. With the Rugby Ball Light, you can adapt the amount of light for the space; either by fitting a bright white lamp for reading time, or insert a lower power bulb and the Rugby Ball Light turns into a perfect night light for the younger rugby fans.

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