The England Rugby Ball Light

From Rough Sketch To Ideal England Rugby Gift – The Story So Far

Our founder, Steve Hicks, recounts how the Rugby Ball Light got here….

The day’s arrived. After five years of sketching, moulding, pestering local rugby fans, negotiating with licence-holders and manufacturers, our new light has arrived. The Rugby Ball Light really is one of a kind….

Like all projects that I’ve designed – it’s been a labour of love: but worth it. As a designer, my work has ranged from stage sets for product launches all over the world to a commemorative bench for a golf club in the chilly Scottish Highlands, futuristic concept styling for an airport x-ray machine to the interior design for a Theatre in Tokyo. (It all sounds glamorous but it’s a lot of late nights and 2b pencils).

Designing and manufacturing a domestic light has been the most demanding project I’ve ever undertaken. Nothing can be left to chance or interpretation and everything has to be tested for safety. As a result, timescales increase way beyond what I’m used to. It can be frustrating but very rewarding as each new sample arrives for approval. I got the same feeling of excitement when we opened the doors on the first container of lights from China as when the curtain goes up on a stage show.

The light itself celebrates rugby and the community that’s been part of my life for over 20 years. Rugby is more than a sport – it’s a real passion and nowhere more so than here in Twickenham, the epicentre for rugby in England and a source of local pride. This isn’t just a product with a logo or two stuck on its sides. It’s been developed from the ground up by rugby fans for rugby fans. Living and working in the shadow of Twickenham stadium what else was I going to design?

The Rugby Ball Light is a no-brainer as an England Rugby Gift for fans of all ages – from lighting up the corner of your ‘man cave’ or office, to decking out your child’s bedroom shelf, alongside his or her rugby medals. If you’re interested in getting your hands on one, why not order now and avoid the scrum?

I hope you enjoy the light, wherever you decide to use it. Just don’t try to drop a goal with it….



Steve Hicks is the creator of the Rugby Ball Light and is an experienced designer in the brand, media and retail sectors.


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