Lighten Up – Choosing The Right Bulb For Your Rugby Ball Light

As we face shorter days here in the UK, and the prospect of colder, longer evenings, achieving the right level of light in your home – from the welcome of your hallway to the corner of your home office or kitchen – needn’t be a headache.

Firstly, for the Rugby Ball Light, you’ll need to buy a bulb – we recommend an Energy Saver (CFL) screw-in ES 23W for the best light, which is available from leading retailers. (Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to include the bulb in delivery of your light)

In terms of lighting choices for different rooms, overhead lights may be functional and illuminate a workspace or kitchen, but to create more subtle effects and visual interest smaller lamps add a stylish finish to a room – and can change the mood at different points in the day.

In children’s rooms or ‘man caves’, too little light can limit what you can do. With the Rugby Ball Light, you can adapt the amount of light for the space; either by fitting a bright white lamp for reading time, or insert a lower power bulb and the Rugby Ball Light turns into a perfect night light for the younger rugby fans.

However we choose to decorate our rooms, the light needs to work .  Dan Blitzer, Continuing Education Instructor at the American Lighting Association says “When buying a table lamp, opt for one with a softly diffused shade.” Lighting in a bedroom, using symmetrical lamps and softer colours can set the mood for a relaxed night’s sleep. This approach can even promote healthier sleep, as the brain tunes into its own ‘dimmer switch’ and signals it’s time to switch off.

Dan Blitzer also suggests that you consider the practicalities of a light at bed or seat level:  “Spend a moment to see how you turn it on and off – to make sure it is not going to be too difficult.”   The Rugby Ball Light also has a simple rocker switch conveniently located on the flex so it’s easy to find, even in the dark.

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