England Rugby Present And Correct? How To Score Highly This Christmas With Rugby Fans

Giving the perfect England Rugby Present to a rugby fan this Christmas needn’t be a problem…….

In Japanese culture, the concept of reciprocal gifting or ‘kosai’ is a highly ritualised tradition, as families, friends and work colleagues exchange carefully-wrapped presents as part of the etiquette of giving.

In the UK, we may be more informal – but choosing the right gift for a member of your family or social circle can be a headache, particularly at Christmas. In fact, a 2015 survey reported that shopping was the most stressful issue in the build-up to the Festive season and, unsurprisingly, female shoppers take responsibility for most of the gift buying.

So, what’s the best strategy when thinking through what would suit the man or woman who has (almost) everything and who loves rugby, or is just that little bit more selective than other friends and family? We’ve given some thought to three different types of gift giving – do you recognise any of them from your family?

Three Wise Men 

1 The Hedonic Gift
A present with a hedonic, out-of-the-ordinary feel, is a bit of luxury amongst the socks and fragrance gift packs. It packs a punch with the recipient as an indulgence – e.g.lunch at a celeb chef restaurant or a thrills-and-spills experience – and stands out as an original gift. Pros: Great memories that last longer than the tinsel behind the TV. Cons: Risky if neither of you is keen on parachute jumps.

2 The Utility Gift
The really useful gift keeps on giving – what could be wrong with that? From power tools to juicers, products that have an immediate use sound ideal – but no matter how expensive and ‘must have’ they lack the mystery of a frivolous gift. That said, if it’s a limited edition bicycle sprocket they’ve dream of owning, then it’s perfect. Pros: This present will get used pronto. Cons: Difficult to get excited when wrapping a bit of mechanical engineering (unless you’re a mechanical engineer of course).

3. The Unique ‘find’
From sport to music, tapping into a recipient’s long-time passion takes gift research into another league (excuse the pun). Giving a present that shows you appreciate all the energy, enthusiasm and loyalty to a team or national sport will win you heartfelt thanks on Christmas morning. It might take a bit of time to find, but it’s worth tracking down a gift that’s a perfect match. Pros: It definitely shows you’ve done your homework. Cons: Time-consuming.

The Perfect Match

That’s one reason why products like the Rugby Ball Light score highly (!) with rugby fans. It’s an authentic, official product that not only looks great in the mancave, but also gives something back to rugby to boot – by contributing to the RFU’s Invest in Rugby programme.

To get your hands on the new exclusive Rugby Ball Light in time for Christmas, click here.

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