The ideal rugby gift for a rugby fan refuge


With the Six Nations kicking off this weekend no doubt all rugby fans will be congregating on the edge of their seats, bar stools or sofas to watch their team battle it out. Once the final whistle has blown will calm descend?

Why everyone needs a den

Since time began, humans have craved their own space – a place to call their own. A unique room in which to relax, hide away from the world and ponder on the important questions like ‘how on earth did former Ireland Rugby captain Paul O’Connell answer this question?’.


While early man’s safe spaces were actual ‘caves’, nowadays we are all searching for the ultimate escape, an excellent excuse to create our own designer den. Or better still, surprise our loved ones with their own personal hideout, ‘she-shed’ or ‘man cave’.

Creating your sporting escape

If you’re a rugby fan, then a rugby themed cave can be the ultimate sporting escape. A place to unwind and embrace your inner sports fan. It’s also the perfect excuse to add ‘rugby gifts’ to your wish list, so you can decorate your den with the most exciting rugby memorabilia, gifts and gizmos around.

The ultimate rugby gift for ruby fans

The Rugby Ball Light is the perfect way to light up any man cave, or she-shed. Its iconic design will make it the focus of any den and is the ultimate gift idea for rugby fans, big or small. A replica of the Gilbert Rugby ball used by rugby players the world over the lamp is available in England colours with Welsh, Scottish, South African and Australian version coming soon. It has been designed specifically as the ultimate rugby gift and is guaranteed to put a huge smile on the face of any rugby fan all year round.

Not just for show

Whether you use your Rugby Ball lamp to add a warm glow to your den while watching the big game with your mates, utilise it as a desk light for reading match reports, or put it in pride of place as the focal point, the Rugby Ball Light is the perfect gift for any fan who feels passionately about the sport.

Buy now and add a bit of light to your rugby fan refuge.

If you would like to know when we launch our Rugby Ball Lights for Scotland, Wales, South Africa and Australia, please enter your email and which team you are after on our Contacts page.

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