Perfect Rugby Gift – the correct bulb for your lamp

Whether you’ve bought, your lamp as a gift for a relation, friend or colleague, for your new man cave or she-shed or for yourself because you think it looks cool, the Rugby Ball Lamp is a unique, usable and flexible light for the home or office. When it comes to bulbs, you might want literally to think outside the box. The Rugby Ball Light comes with a low energy 12w LED bulb in the box. This bulb is great for general illumination. There is such a wide choice of bulbs available we’ve put together this guide to help you selecting the correct bulb for your perfect rugby gift.

Colour Change to suit your mood

Perhaps you’re after more of a statement piece. Then a colour changing LED may be more what you are after. The colour of your lighting can completely change the ambience of a room, turning a functional workspace into a cosy snug or home cinema at the touch of a button or screen.


We used a stand-alone remote control bulb LED for this video, but you may be fortunate enough to have a complete home lighting system. By using an appropriate bulb, you can include the Rugby Ball Light in your home lighting set up.

Brightness is Key

If you have bought the Rugby Ball Light as a gift for a young rugby fan, you might want to change the bulb for a night light. Disconnect the electrical supply, twist the ‘ball’ anti-clockwise to separate it from the base. You can then unscrew and exchange the bulb for another. The lamp fittings is a standard Edison Screw (ES)type, E27, max. 26w LED or CFL. We recommend a 2-3w LED lamp for use as a night light.


Eco Friendly Bulbs

We are all becoming more concerned about the environment and our responsibility to protect the world in which we live.  One way to be greener is to reduce the amount of energy we use. We all need lights to illuminate the darkness, and we want the lamps to reflect our interests or personality, but by using energy-efficient bulbs, we can help to reduce the impact of our energy use.

The Rugby Ball Light is designed only to use low energy lamps. Never use the older style incandescent or halogen filament lamps. They generate too much heat. One of the reasons they are inefficient compared to LEDs. Not only do LED lamps use less energy than equivalent filament lamps, but they also last many times longer, saving materials and energy in reduced production as well as, in the long run, your cash.



LED lamps are not the only low energy lamps available for the Rugby Ball Light. Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) also use less energy than older style lamps. The chart shows that CFLs are marginally less efficient than LEDs. However, these lamps tend to be cheaper to buy than LEDs. Both LED, and CFL lamps can last 10-20 times longer, up to 25,000 hours (2.5 years) compared to only 1,000 hours (41 days) of use for filament bulbs.







Types of Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) Spiral and Triple Tube

Whether you use the LED lamp we supply in the box, change to a different brightness or upgrade to colour changing, we are sure your Ruby Ball Light is the perfect rugby gift.

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