Top Five Christmas Rugby Gifts

Finding the perfect Christmas rugby gift is hard at the best of times, but if you are shopping for a Rugby fan, it can feel impossible. But don’t worry! We have done the hard work for you and found the Top Five best rugby gifts to give this Christmas. All you need to do is wrap them and pop them under the tree!

5 Rugby Ball

Want to give them something that they’ll love AND will keep them fit? How about a brand new rugby ball from our favourite ball makers and inspiration for the Rugby Ball Light, Gilbert. The number one rugby ball brand in the world, they pride themselves on their historic background and high quality product. Definitely one for the Christmas list!


4 Rugby Mug

Who doesn’t LOVE a new mug at Christmas?

We like this ‘I bloody love rugby’ mug on Etsy, but there are so many variations, from specific teams mugs, to personalised cups with names and shirts on. The perfect way to enjoy your cuppa after a tough morning training



3 Rugby Socks

What’s Christmas without some new socks? The perfect stocking filler AND they keep your tootsies warm during the long winter months. Go on, buy them some socks and put a smile on their face! We love these Do Not Disturb socks from Groupon.



2. Recycled Rugby Pencil Cases and Wash bags


Rugby Recycled’s ( ) mission is simple.  Breathe new life into pre-loved rugby balls otherwise destined for landfill.  They create durable, fun pencil cases and washbags, plus donate their profits to charity.  The perfect Christmas rugby gift. What’s not to like?



  1. Rugby Ball Light! 

And of course, the BEST Rugby Christmas present you can buy is our very own Rugby Ball Light. Stylish AND practical, our lamps are available in a range of team colours. Choose from Wales, England, Scotland, South Africa and Australia rugby ball lights. Looking for something for a fan of another team? Then buy our Original black lamp, the perfect gift for any rugby fan. 

Wrapping Presents?

Don’t miss this life changing video on wrapping hacks that will help you know how to wrap your gifts perfectly this Christmas!

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