Personalised Rugby Lamp

A Unique Rugby Gift

Design Your Personalised Rugby Lamp

We have teamed up with the sports ball personalisation experts, to offer a unique rugby gift.

By clicking the button below, you will be taken to the Ballpix website. Here you can customise your RBL Original with its stylish black and gold trim and iconic Gilbert logo.

You can add text and graphics to your light. Perhaps add a name, an award, company or team logo.

There are loads of tools for making your personalised Rugby Ball Light the perfect rugby gift for friends, family or teammates. Change the colour and style of your text or import your own graphics and images for a truly one of a kind rugby gift.

Rugby Ball Light - Personalised Rugby Lamps
Personalised Rugby Lamp
Personalised Rugby Lamp
Personalised Rugby Lamp

I absolutely love this! Congratulations on what looks like a great product. I will definitely buy one for my son for Christmas.

Maximum stars. I think it’s a great idea. Far more robust than I expected. I love the design and branding !!! Great job !! I thought the website was super easy to use. Planning on gifting one to my Godson for Xmas.

The Perfect Personalised Rugby Gift – Rugby Ball Light

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