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A friend recommended this as an ideal present for my Rugby mad son and when it arrived we were really pleased with the quality of the product and how quickly it arrived.

James Morris

My son has been eyeing the one I have for a while, I’ve let him have it. It’s good build quality and well designed, defiantly not the usual gift shop/promotional style item.

Neil Elliot

I absolutely love this! Congratulations for what looks like a great product. I will definitely buy one for my son for Christmas.

Richard Davies

Maximum stars. I think its great. Far more robust than I expected. I love the design and the branding!!! Great job !! I thought the website was super easy to use. Planning on sending one to my Godson for Xmas.

Carl Moore

I recently purchased a rugby ball light. The service and delivery were excellent and I am happy with the quality of the item. However, it was disappointing to find a bulb had not been supplied with the lamp. While the bulb was a small disappointment, the way you handled it made everything good. The recipient of the gift was very happy with it. As I said everything else was brilliant and I wish you all the best.

Geraldine Grant

Just bought this for my Grandsons birthday and he’s absolutely delighted.

Nicola Cudworth

Rugby Ball Light - The Perfect Gift for a Rugby Fan !

England Rugby Ball Light
The Perfect Gift For A Rugby Fan !
The Rugby Ball Light

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